Welcome to the Contemporary Dance Berlin e.V.

The umbrella organisation Contemporary Dance Berlin (ZTB) is an association that represents the interests of choreographers, dancers, companies and dance institutions in Berlin. The ztb was founded in December 2000.

As a partner of the TanzRaumBerlin network, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, as the official carrier of Tanzbüro Berlin and the newspaper tanzraumberlin the ZTB stands and works for both the financial and structural improvements of contemporary dance in Berlin.

It acts as a partner for those seeking advice or consultation and provides the members with a concerted public voice to achieve vitally needed improvements concerning the infrastructures of production and the presentation of the creations.

Everyone can become a member or a sponsoring member.

Information about up coming events of the ZTB can be found here.

You can find us here:
Zeitgenössischer Tanz Berlin e.V.
Uferstraße 23
13357 Berlin