1. Berlin

Senate Chancellery for Cultural Affairs:
Funding of individual projects, basic support, venues and artists starting out


2. Districts of Berlin

Some of the boroughs of Berlin offer a possibility to make an application for cultural activities. For this kind of project fund it is relevant that the event takes place in the specific borough.
For further information contact the local authorities.


3. National

Kulturstiftung des Bundes:
Project Funding, individual projects

Fonds Darstellende Künste:
Project Funding, conceptual support
Fonds DaKü

Nationales Performance Netz:
Support for national and international co-productions
joint adventures

Goethe Institute:
Support for international guest performances on tour, contacts

Many artists’ houses in Germany support international professional theatre-makers, directors, dramatists, dancers and choreographers by making accommodation, studios and – frequently – working grants available to them for a limited time.


4. European Support Programmes

Further Information: Cultural Contact Point Germany

Overview of funding opportunities for dance projects in Germany. Tanzplan Deutschland.


5. Cultural department of the embassies

Contribution in kind (flight tickets, residency…)

This may be interesting as well: